Imperium Overview

Inmark’s Imperium™ line is a family of pallet shippers designed to transform the supply chains of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.


Inmark Portfolio2

Imperium Portfolio: 

  • Flexible Family
  • Modular Design Off-the-Shelf
  • Validated to ISTA7D


Imperium Family Summary

Superior Protection

  • Robust Thermal
  • Protection Patented
  • Air Flow Technology
  • Defined Product Payload Area
  • All Solutions Validated to ISTA7D

Ease Of Use

  • No Post Condition
  • Color Coded Refrigerants
  • Clear Bottles for visually inspection
  • Pre-Defined Space for bottles sizes
  • Off-the-Shelf

Cost Reduction

  • No Return Logistics Required
  • Reusable Parts
  • Size to Payload Matching
  • Tune Solution to Cost